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Saturday, April 26th, 2003
5:43 pm
Tonight, I at long last will see one of my heroes perform here in Columbia at the ghetto ass Township Auditorium. That's right, Jerry Seinfeld is performing tonight and I shall see him in an hour and ten minutes from now. I cannot get over the fact that I am actually seeing him perform tonight, it still hasn't come across me yet. I've watched him since I was in 7th grade so thats I believe close to ten years now. He's supposed to be doing new material too I just hope it doesn't suck. I was kinda looking forward to the usual "What's the deal with grape nuts, no grapes, no nuts, I don't get it!" routine, but oh well. Anyway I gotta shower, I'm actually tagging along with mom and dad tonight to this thing. Anyway, I'm out, later.

Current Mood: excited
Friday, April 25th, 2003
11:35 am
Last night was the closing night for Artless. It's very hard to believe that now its finally over. For two months, I've rehearsed for this thing 5 nights a week from 7:30 to 10:30 and we performed it only 3 nights. It feels good knowing that I'll have more spare time now and my weekends back but I'm still gonna miss this. I even wish the play ran longer to be honest. The cast and crew were all great people and I had the time of my life working with all of them and I hope I'm in more plays with them in the future.

In case no one can tell I have been officially bitten by the theatre bug. Right now it is so hard to believe that not too long ago I wanted to be a lobbyist because now I don't see myself doing anything but theatre. Next Monday I have auditions for the fall semester for which I need to have two monologues. I'd be lying too if I said I'll be fine with just a call back because I really want to act next semester. My plan is to basically audition for every single play I can possibly find and do the best I can in my theatre courses. What's funny is that in my very first play I played one of the leads so I'm going to try to not be disappointed if I get an itty bitty shitty part or if I don't even get called back. It's almost like now I expect to get the lead role in a play, but I'm going to be in for a reality check. Anyway, I'm out for now. Later.

Current Mood: blank
Friday, April 18th, 2003
11:42 am
At long last..
It's been literally forever since I've been on this thing. Really the only reason why I'm doing this now is because I'm sitting in the Gambrell Computer Lab bored. Anyway, right now I'm about to star in my first play, Artless. My friend Steve wrote it and asked me and Alicia to be in it so I agreed to audition and we both got parts. It debuts next Tuesday night and I'm very stoked. I even changed my minor to Theatre due to this play because I love it so much. Even though we have rehearsals 5 nights a week from 7:30 to 10:30 it is well worth it. The cast members are awesome and its just alot of fun doing this thing. Not to mention the fact that I'm one of the lead roles which makes me even more stoked. What I'm really anxious for is April 28, when I audition for the plays for the fall semester here. I need to have 2 monologues ready and I really need to start going over them now.

Anyway, I'm especially looking forward to summer. Even though I'll be taking courses it will nice to have a break, somewhat. When I'm not in class my goals for the summer will be to go the gym, play alot of golf, read several books, swim everyday, make good grades in my summer courses, and see Alicia as much as possible. Anyway, I'm out for now, later.

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, July 1st, 2002
12:15 am
Random Survey
[[FIRST & MIDDLE NAME:]] Rafe Hunt

[[NICKNAMES:]] Alicia's nicknames for me: Wafe, Wafey, Bay-bee Everyone else's: Rafer, Rafer Man, Rape, Rafiki, Rafen....

[[HAIR COLOR:]] dark brown

[[HAIR LENGTH:]] shaggy

[[EYE COLOR:]] hazel?

[[HEIGHT:]] six foot two

[[WEIGHT:]] 245
[[BIRTHDAY:]] 9/27/82

[[LOCATION:]] Columbia, SC

[[SHOE SIZE:]] 13

[[ZODIAC SIGN:]] libra

[[SIBLINGS:]] none

[[PETS:]] my little cocker spaniel sister Chammy


[[MUSIC ARTIST:]] Metallica/Rush/Megadeth/Anthrax

[[MOVIE:]] The Graduate

[[ACTOR/ACTRESS:]] actor – Albert Finney actress – don’t know

[[BRAND:]] Adidas
[[SONG:]] WAY too many but a few….Metallica “One” Rush “limelight” Sting “fields of gold” ozzy osbourne “see you on the other side”

[[WORD:]] Alicia :)

[[FOOD:]] pizza

[[DRINK:]] Glacier Freeze Gatorade

[[COLOR:]] blue like on my car

[[NUMBER:]] six and seventy-two

[[CANDY:]] Hershey bar

[[TV SHOW:]] Frasier


[[GIRL NAME:]] Alicia :)

[[BOY NAME:]] Rafe of course

[[NAIL POLISH COLOR:]] not sure

[[RADIO STATION:]] 93.3 in Greenville, SC

[[ANIMAL:]] Dogs

[[STORES:]] Manifest, Best Buy

[[SCENT:]] that polo stuff I bought for Alicia

[[ICE CREAM FLAVOR:]] vanilla fudge twirl and chocolate chip cookie dough

[[QUOTE:]] “There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count, and those who cannot.” Josh Holland-Davis

[[HOLIDAY:]] Chistmas

[[DAY OF THE WEEK:]] Friday

[[MONTH:]] July


[[GENRE OF MUSIC:]] country

[[MUSIC ARTIST:]] any boy bands at all, most new bands out today, especially sum 41, and linkin park, THEY SUCK!!!!!

[[MOVIE:]] Message in a Bottle, bleh!!!!!!!

[[ACTOR:]] Keanu Reeves, should’ve retired after Bill and Ted, and Hayden Christenson

[[BRAND:]] agberzombie and stinch

[[SONG:]] that “in my hands, in my hands” song by fuel

[[WORD:]] stupid

[[FOOD:]] falafel

[[DRINK:]] prune juice

[[COLOR:]] don’t know

[[NUMBER:] I dont know

[[CANDY:]] cocoanut shit

[[TV SHOW:]] “Two Guys and a Girl”


[[GIRL NAME:]] Lasegna, some chick in my chemistry class

[[BOY NAME:]] Priscilla

[[NAIL POLISH COLOR:]] don’t know

[[RADIO STATION:]] Christian radio

[[ANIMAL:]] snakes

[[STORES:]] most stores that sell clothes

[[SCENT:]] garbage

[[ICE CREAM FLAVOR:]] coffee

[[QUOTE:]] don’t know

[[DAY OF THE WEEK:]] Tuesday or Wednesday

[[MONTH:]] don’t know

[[DO YOU]]


[[THINK YOU'RE SMART:]] sometimes


[[SHAVE:]] yeah


[[LIKE SITCOMS:]] yeah

[[HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND:]] one that I love more than anything

[[THINK YOUR STYLE/FASHION IS COOL:]] ha, I don’t really have a style

[[DO DRUGS:]] they are for losers

[[DRINK:]] not anymore

[[HAVE SEX:]] heeheehee


[[SMOKED:]] yes

[[DRANK:]] yes



[[BROKE THE LAW:]] yes

[[RAN FROM THE COPS:]] ha, in 5th grade, long story

[[KISSED A GIRL:]] yes

[[KISSED A GUY:]] Very much to my distaste, yes

[[LAUGHED:]] of course



[[CRIED:]] yes

[[WANTED TO DIE:]] once or twice


[[STOLE ANYTHING:]] not that I can recall











[[HAD A MUD BATH:]] no

[[WISHED YOU WERE THE OPPOSITE SEX:]] ha, when I was 13 I wished I was so I could look at myself in the mirror all day


[[BLUE:]] car

[[SOCKS:]] shoes

[[MIRROR:]] image

[[CRACKER:]] saltine

[[COW:]] black and white

[[FRANCE:]] country

[[ZINE:]] confused

[[AOL:]] IM

[[JELLY:]] peanut butter

[[FISH:]] sea


[[WROTE YOU A NOTE:]] don’t know

[[CALLED YOU:]] Alicia :)

[[HUGGED YOU:]] Alicia :)


[[WAS MEAN TO YOU:]] ha, phil and josh


[[YOU SAW A MOVIE WITH:]] can’t remember


[[SAID THEY HATED YOU:]] Alicia “hate wafe”


[[DO YOU INTEND TO GET MARRIED:]] without a doubt, yes

[[WHAT WILL YOU NAME YOUR KIDS:]] That’s for Alicia to decide, although I still want Rafe Junior

[[WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR WIFE TO BE LIKE:]] Alicia will be my wife so she can stay the same :)

[[WHERE WILL YOU LIVE:]] up for the peace corps to decide


[[WHO ARE YOUR GOOD FRIENDS:]] My girlfriend ‘Wicia, Josh, Chuck, Bill, Phil, Ben



[[WHAT KIND OF SHAMPOO DO YOU USE:]] herbal essence, yes I have the urge
[[HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ON YOUR BUDDY LIST:]]25 or 30, too lazy to count


[[WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE:]] the one I already got
[[WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES DO YOU SLEEP IN:]] t-shirt and boxers

[[WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED:]] Wherever Alicia wants too but I would really like to get married in a church, it’s the traditionalist in me

[[HOW DO YOU EAT AN OREO:]] split it, lick it, put it back together, dunk it
[[IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE WISH, WHAT WOULD IT BE:]] Alicia would be here now :)


[[WHAT DO YOU REALLY DISLIKE:]] really shitty music

[[DESCRIBE YOUR FIRST KISS:]] Chelsea Helsley in 7th grade, we just all of a sudden one day did it, and then made out all the time.

Current Mood: good
Monday, June 24th, 2002
10:23 pm
This is gonna be a short entry tonight, but I just want to say that I love Alicia and she is and will always be my princess. I love you baby!!!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, June 20th, 2002
6:55 pm
Austin Coleman
It seems as of late everything bad is happening to my cousin Austin and it's just not fair. It is amazing how much shit he has had to put up with in the last year. Seven or Eight months ago, his wife left him, and he basically moved from Spartanburg back to Columbia to try and start all over. He got a job at Crayton Middle School as a disciplinarian, but he didn't like it. He had the intention of taking some history courses this summer at U.S.C. so he could become a Social Studies teacher, but instead he got this job as a salesman, thinking he'd make some good money. Instead, he ended up hating the job and quit. Then, he notices this bump on his chest which he was worried might be cancer since his mom died of breast cancer. And finally, his father dies last week.

So today, I drove him out to Lexington Memorial Hospital where he had the surgery. All was good though, they removed the bump and they said that there was no danger of getting cancer. He and I were very much relived by this. One thing that made me sad was when I went back to sit with Austin when the surgery was done. He asked me when he saw me if Daphne, his ex-wife, was there. He was doped up but it was still sad. I told him no, she wasn't there and he said okay. I hope that he doesn't remember saying that, it really did depress me. I was really touched as well because he kept saying how appreciative he was of me driving him out there and kept saying he was gonna buy me a steak dinner, but I was just glad to do it. I've known Austin my whole life and I love and respect him so much. In a way, I've always liked to consider him my big brother as well and ever since I was kid, I wished he was.

Anyway, I dropped him back off at his grandmother's around 12, and that seems like forever ago. His grandmother was really appreciative of me doing this too. He and his immediate family have not had the best of times recently since his dad died last week. Austin wasn't on the best terms with his dad but I know he was still saddened by his death, even though he would always tell me how much of a bum he thought he was. I just hope and pray now that things get better for him. One thing I've noticed about Austin is that in spite of everything that's happened to him recently, he remains positive and doesn't let things get him down. He'll still laugh and joke in spite of everything that's happened to him.

Anyway, this has definitely been a long ass day. It's hard to believe that I was actually at the hospital this morning, it seems like it was yesterday. After I dropped Austin off at his grandmother's I came home and talked with Alicia on the phone and then went to work. After that I just drove around for awhile then ended up back home. I think I'm just gonna chill here tonight and watch rasslin', but I might go over and see Austin or go over to Chuck or Bill's. Anyway, I'm done for now. Later.

Current Mood: indescribable
Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
5:03 pm
A Jump to Conclusions Mat...
It's been awhile since I've updated my l.j. but I've been lazy so bear with me. Anyway, since my last update, or should I say Alicia and Amanda's last update, I've started teaching astronomy at U.S.C. and it's been going pretty good. I taught my first lab yesterday and it wasn't bad for my first time. I've liked this job so far, the people are nice, and teaching is pretty cool. I gotta be back at work today at 6:00 to monitor the E.V. room. Until then I'm just gonna sit here and wait for Alicia to give me a call.

Unfortunately, Alicia can't come to Columbia this weekend, but it's cool cause I'll probably go up to Hendersonville on Sat. At the beginning of the summer we said that we'd see each other every other weekend, but now its hard to go just one weekend without seeing her. So anyway, she can hopefully come down next weekend and go to Charleston with me.

On a random note, I've been reading Sphere, an exciting and suspenseful book by Michael Crichton. I should finish it either today or tomorrow and then I'm going to start on The Reader, a book Alicia let me borrow.

Anyway, I'm done with another boring l.j. entry. If anyone's interested in an l.j. thats even more boring and pointless than mine then check out angus2053. He's my friend and a cool dude, so don't judge him by his l.j. entries. Anyway, take care and I love you Alicia.

Current Mood: content
Saturday, June 1st, 2002
9:21 am
Rafe journal=suuuuuck
Since Rafe does not have enough creativity or gumption to update his own damn journal, me and the harlot are going to do it for him...

Today-Rafe got up at 8:30 to call the nicest of the two harlots, and then he went to work. Then the swankier of the two harlots ( I wanted to put cuter but the other harlot vetoed that), called him during her three hour lunch break from the heinous tanning bed. Then I don't know what he did, although I am talking to him on im right now...]

Rafe2004: may i call you noowwwwwww?
SwankeeKat: nooo
Rafe2004: whyyyyyy?
SwankeeKat: harl0t adn I am playing
Rafe2004: ah

he is just whining, so I can't get anymore info out of him...

Rafe would not have an interesting life if it wasn't for the harlots in it...
Friday, May 31st, 2002
8:04 pm
Well, change of plans. I just got back from walking Vicen, since the wiffleball game got canceled. Sadly, not enough people could play but oh well, at least I was able to do what I was supposed to do anyway. I'm just sitting on my ass now looking at the computer. I'll be on later.
4:51 pm
I just got off the phone with my friend Ted, he asked if I was up for some wiffleball at 6 and without thinking I said yes. Alicia's coming in town but she's not gonna be here till around 8 or 8:30 so I figured great, I'll have something to do. I just now remembered that I'm supposed to walk my cousin's dog today though. He's outta town this whole week and I told him I'd walk him everyday.

Once I realized that I still had to walk Vicen, I just said screw it, I'll go without walking him today. I even have time to do both right now if I just get off my ass but I just don't even feel like walking him today. Last night, my cousin called me and told me I didn't have to walk him cause his aunt would walk him, so maybe she'll walk him today as well. I probably sound pretty lazy but at least I'm admitting it. Me and Alicia will go walk him tomorrow and we'll have a good time.

Anyway, this is gonna be the first wiffleball game for us in awhile so I'm pretty stoked. I've been playing wiffleball for what seems like forever and I've never gotten tired of it. The thing is, it can sometimes be hard to get enough people. Ideally, we like 8 people so we can do 4 on 4, but we settle for no less than 6, any less than that than it sucks.

Well, I'm done boring anyone who reads this, so I'm gonna go call up some people to see if they can play. I still feel bad about Vicen, but I'll make it up to him tomorrow and take him for a long ass walk. Later.

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, May 30th, 2002
1:20 am
I'm bored and stuff
In my girlfriend Alicia's recent l.j. entry she talks about how her life has been kinda mundane and boring recently. She basically gets up, goes to work, talks to me on the phone some, then go driving around with her friends. It's basically become the same thing everyday for her. I realized after reading this that basically now my days consist of waking up, working out, then coming home and sitting down. That pretty much sums up what I've done this summer since I haven't been working, although I start my job teaching astronomy on Monday.

I right now more than anything wanna just pack a suitcase, drive to N.C. and get Alicia, then drive to the beach. I know that if she lived here in Columbia this summer or even if I lived in Hendersonville than we would without a doubt be able to have some excitement. During the semester, we had basically been with each other every minute and I was comfortable like that, and I'm sure she was. Aside from missing her when I'm not with her I'm just plain bored.

I've been seeing my friends but we don't even do anything exciting. Tonight we went to the Varsity and shot pool and that was the most fun I've had in awhile. Everything else we've done is basically just hang out at my house. Basically I'm just bored and broke. However, she's coming to Columbia on Friday for the weekend and then all will be right with the world.

More than likely, all college students are dreading August, but I cannot wait just cause Alicia will be back in Columbia. This is even worth me helping her move her stuff from Hendersonville to Columbia, and moving her stuff is not an easy task. Although, moving her out of N.C. will be easier than moving her out of her dorm just cause I won't have to worry about 100 degree Columbia heat, steam pipes that cause SEVERE burns on my arm, and PMS'ing meter maids.

Anyway, this is pretty much all for tonight. I'm gonna go and watch Conan until I fall asleep. If any of my friends happen to see this than I'm sorry I've been lame recently, I promise to leave the house more with you guys and go get in trouble. And Alicia, I still miss you and I love you very much. Take care.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
12:57 am
I wish I wrote this
Each day my shortcomings pick my pockets
My faults were letters carved in stone
As meaningful to you as words written in water
I'm left to walk this world alone

In a broken mold they made me
The black sheep of the family
Worth less than zero my opinion
And room temperature IQ

I did something, now I'm nothing
Always wrong with this or that
Poisoned with fear watch it twist
My measly brain mad

Talk about me when my back is turned
Next time we meet it will be to late
The memory burned in my ears of what you said
And now I've got a recipe for hate. Taste it

Dark clouds on the horizon
Make it hard to breathe
A walking mistake but every time
I run away, I just come back for more

The choice is clear I can quit
And fall on my sword or light a fire
To see who runs or stays
And plays the confidence game

Dave Mustaine- "Recipe for Hate"

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, May 28th, 2002
4:58 pm
Afternoon Rant
I just saw an ad for Bob Peeler for governor of South Carolina. I always thought Bob was an okay guy, kinda dumb but not that bad. In his ad he basically said that he wanted school prayer back in classrooms. Basically, I won't be voting for this guy. I have always thought that school and prayer are two words that are best left away from each other. At a school, you go to learn, not to pray. You pray at churches or by yourself, just not in a public place. I have never understood how people stress the importance of school prayer. It does nothing but create controversy among everyone. The school prayer system basically just forces every student in the school to participate in an activity of the Christian religion. This may be fine to students who are Christian but it is not to people who are of another religion, or who simply are not religious. If someone wants school prayer, than they should go to an all Christian school and do it there. Otherwise, you can spare the minute long school prayer every morning.

I've always had no problem with there being a minute of silence every morning. I figure in that minute of silence, they are giving the students the right to do whatever they wish in the silence, whether it be pray to whatever God you believe in, or just stand there scratching your ass. This way, I believe that the religious students and the non-religious students are happy.

Current Mood: annoyed
1:11 pm
In the beginning...
Well this is my first entry in live-journal so I thought I'd make it interesting. Actually I'm kidding, this entry will suck cause I really don't have anything worth saying right now. My girlfriend Alicia suggested I start doing this so after I bitched and moaned for awhile I gave in. At first I didn't like the thought of complete strangers and weirdos like all of you who write in live-journal looking at all I had to say, but then I just said screw it. Anyway, I have nothing much to report today. I woke up, called Alicia, and then read some. Right now I'm re-reading The Prince of Tides. I read it a couple of years ago and I felt inspired to read it again after I went to Charleston last weekend. For those who don't know, the book takes place around the Charleston area. Maybe some of you who have never read the book are thinking back to the movie that came out ten years ago. I have never seen the movie but I can tell it did not do justice to the book. The movie makes the book appear to be a 99 cent romance you can get at Kroger, which is not true. The book is not all about sex and romance. There is some of both but it's not the focal point of the book. Now that I've convinced all the pervs out there not to read The Prince of Tides, I will change subjects. Actually no, I think I'm done writing for now. Anyway, I want to thank my wonderful girlfriend Alicia for introducing live-journal to me. I love you sweetheart. Take care and remember that cereal sucks when it is left in milk too long.
-The Mega that is Rafe

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